About Black Book™

Black Book Market Research LLC is one of the most influential research and polling firms in the world. We work with business and technology leaders to develop customer-obsessed strategies that drive growth. Black Book’s unique insights are grounded in annual and quarterly surveys of more than 500,000 technology and services users, business leaders, rigorous and objective methodologies, and the shared wisdom of our most innovative clients. Through proprietary research, data, and custom surveying, the Black Book experience is about a singular and powerful purpose: to challenge the thinking of industry clients to help them lead change in their organizations.



  • All use of Black Book Market Research is subject to our review and approval (except for the press and clients in limited form).
  • Citation of Black Book research is a client privilege. Black Book reviews all non-client requests on a case-by-case basis.
  • Black Book reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time without notice.
  • These guidelines are for general informational purposes only and Black Book reserves any and all rights to the Black Book Market Research including but not limited to the right to deny any and all uses of the Black Book Research.


  • All external or commercial citation of Research and Custom Research, including without limitation:
    • Uses of the Research in advertisements, press releases, and sales collateral in all types of media.
    • Uses of the Research in SEC filings or other legal documents.
    • Links to any websites maintained by Black Book Market Research, Brown-Wilson Group, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.
  • All full reproductions and/or distributions of the Black Book research. Black Book generally prohibits such use unless reprints and/or unrestricted distribution licenses are purchased directly from Black Book or the client has received Black Book’s express written permission.
  • All promotion, distribution, and reuse of Black Book content, including any use of Black Book’s logo, trademarks, or service marks, through any third party in all types of media.
  • In general, if you are uncertain about a particular use, please seek our approval.


  • Clients may include a copy or slide of each scorecard, product comparison, spreadsheet, graphic, table, or portion of text less than a paragraph from the Research in internal presentations only, provided that all such citations adhere to the guidelines for citation of Black Book’s syndicated Research and contractual provisions.
  • Members of the press may use portions of our Research without our approval.
  • Clients, including vendors that have purchased unrestricted distribution licenses and receive a written license from that process from Black Book.


  • Call +1 800.863.7590 or send an email to doug.brown@blackbookmarketresearch.com
  • Provide Black Book with the full citation and context for your request.
  • Please include a draft copy of any press releases and other marketing materials, such as newsletters, email campaigns, direct mail, etc.
  • We will reply by email within two business days. Please indicate if there is greater urgency for an approval by calling.


  • All citations of Custom Research, including, without limitation, commissioned research, custom surveys, and/or findings within Research customized for the client, are subject to this Citation Policy. Each external citation or quotation of Custom Research must be submitted to and approved by Black Book’s Citations coordinator.
  • Black Book must review and approve the context and accuracy of any data/conclusions cited from Custom Research as part of this approval process.
  • All citations of Custom Research must be attributed to Black Book, and the citations must include the following attribution, as well as the date and title if applicable:
    • “A commissioned study conducted by Black Book Market Research LLC on behalf of (Client Name).”
  • Custom Research may not be positioned in any way that implies Black Book is endorsing any vendor or brand.
  • Custom Research cannot appear to be jointly released or co-branded with the client. Black Book’s status as an independent research firm must be made clear.
  • To cite from Custom Research that is not your own, the client that commissioned the research must provide written approval prior to you submitting it to Black Book for approval.
  • All communications and marketing materials regarding Custom Research issued via social media applications, including but not limited to social networks, micromedia, and blogs, are subject to the guidelines described in the Citation Policy and must be approved by Black Book.
  • Statements made by Black Book staff and management during client webinars, podcasts, videos, or other recorded presentations associated with Custom Research may not be transcribed, translated, or otherwise cited. Such recordings may only be replayed in their entirety, when both the audio and visual elements are presented together, and the appropriate replay rights have been purchased.


Third parties may cite non-comparative content from Black Book social channels as long as the integrity of the posted content is maintained and the content is linked directly to the original source. All citations must come from content written within the past 48 months. All requests to cite research content authored by Black Book under their own social profile will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


  • Advertisements shall not appear to be co-sponsored by Black Book. Services or products advertised shall not appear to be endorsed by Black Book.
  • All requests must include the location and placement of the advertisement during the review process.


  • The Black Book logo may not be used in client press releases without prior written permission.


  • Citations of videos and webinars that mention specific companies and/or products may not be used; this includes use of company logos.
  • Verbal quotes from the video may not be cited or repurposed.


  • Clients may use Black Book’s logo to promote Black Book speaking engagements, provided that the logo is smaller and less prominently displayed than the company hosting the engagement.
  • Black Book’s presentation and webinar slides must be on Black Book’s template, unless prior written approvals are confirmed.
  • Citations of videos and webinars that mention specific companies and/or products may not be used.
  • It must be clear that Black Book is a guest/featured speaker/presenter and the event is not being co-hosted or co-marketed in any way.
  • Research presented and statements made by Black Book during client webinars, podcasts, videos, or other recorded presentations may not be transcribed, translated, or otherwise cited. Such recordings may only be replayed in their entirety, when both the audio and visual elements are presented together, and the appropriate replay rights have been purchased, unless written permission from Black Book are acquired.


In order to assist our clients with the citations process, we have created a checklist for their use. This checklist outlines the information and materials that the Citations department needs to review a request.

  • Have you included the company/organization that this request is for?
  • Is the above company a Black Book client? Please indicate in your request.
  • Have you provided the full context in which the Black Book citation will appear in? Examples of material include drafts of press releases, mockups of web pages, entire emails, banners, social media posts, entire white papers, etc. Please attach and send complete copies of the materials that will cite Black Book.
  • Have you indicated what research from Black Book your material cites? Please include the full title and publication month/year. If the citations do not come from research published on BlackBookMarketResearch.com, please send along the original source as well. If this material is related to an upcoming analyst engagement, have you indicated the analyst involved, as well as the type of engagement (e.g., a webinar, panel, event, video, etc.)?
  • Have you included any additional comments regarding this request? If you have a specific time frame or special considerations, please indicate this in your request.


Black Book respects your privacy. The type of information and ways we collect and use the information you provide while on our website and during certain other interactions are listed below:


Black Book may collect certain information when an individual:

  • Registers for use of this Site or uses the Site.
  • Purchases certain products or services from us.
  • Seeks employment opportunities with Black Book.
  • Wishes to obtain more information about our products and services.


Black Book collects the following information:

  • Personal contact information you may choose to provide while visiting or registering on our website. This information may include your name, address, company name, job title, telephone number, email address, and the name and email of third parties you may provide to us.
  • If you are applying for a job at Black Book, we may also collect your resume, work history, and education if you choose to provide or upload your resume via our website or employment advertising websites.


We use the information collected as follows:

  • Black Book uses personal information you share with us to provide products or services that you request, answer your inquiries or communicate with you about your account or transactions with us, and send you information about features on the website or changes to our policies. We may also disclose certain data to third parties that perform services on our behalf and have a need to access the data in connection with those services. Contractual agreements between us and such third parties provide that your information will be kept confidential and secure.
  • Black Book may use your email address to send periodic promotional emails and special offers.
  • Black Book regularly analyzes data pertaining to visitor trends, research consumption, and research grading in order to improve our research, plan site enhancements, and measure overall site effectiveness.


Black Book is an independent research and advisory firm that produces objective research and analysis for leaders in technology and marketing roles. Integrity is a core value of our company and our brand. Black Book employees may not engage in activities that will compromise — or appear to compromise — the integrity of our research.

Black Book’s integrity policy, research methodologies, and corporate culture guide our employees in the course of developing and disseminating our research products and services.

Black Book’s business success depends on the independence and objectivity of our research. We embody this by:

  • Black Book takes a stand. Our independence allows us to produce research and analysis that express clear opinions. Black Book’s research agenda, judgments, and conclusions are solely under our control. Client companies cannot purchase research coverage or favorable opinions.
  • Black Book publishes rankings to the public domain before vendors are contacted of the results.
  • Black Book employs structured methodologies. Black Book research employs structured methodologies that ensure consistent research quality and recommendations across markets, technologies, and geographies.
  • Black Book founders, management and employed staff do not own any financial interest in any of the vendors we review.
  • Black Book keeps independent. Black Book’s internal policies create an environment where clients and vendors cannot wield undue influence on our research topics and judgments. Our policies restrict employees from joining company boards, or endorsing any vendor’s strategy or products. Consulting work that is done for our vendor clients that compares companies or products is client-confidential and may not be used as part of any marketing collateral or marketing campaign. Employees can accept reimbursement only for reasonable travel expenses incurred to attend, or travel to, vendor-sponsored events, analyst days, or briefings.

Black Book is accountable for publishing fair and accurate research. If we make a factual mistake, we will provide a fair hearing and will correct material errors quickly.



All information provided by Black Book Market Research LLC and Black Book Rankings LLC, (“Black Book”) in any form, (“Information”), is proprietary information that belongs to Black Book and is protected by US and international copyright law and conventions. Except as set forth herein, direct or indirect reproduction of the Information, in whole or in part, by any means, is prohibited without the express written consent of Black Book.

Black Book™ is a registered trademark of Black Book Market Research, LLC.


Media may reproduce any information shared and/or approved for sharing by Black Book’s managing partner. All citations must be attributed to Black Book and all graphics and slides must be sourced “Black Book Market Research, Inc.” and include the date (year) that the Information was originally published.
Media may not reproduce the Black Book™ logo graphic without the permission of Black Book.


“Copyright © 2015, Black Book Market Research, LLC.”


Black Book prohibits any reference to Black Book or its Information in all types of advertising and sales collateral, in all types of media, including Web pages designed to sell products and/or services. Black Book does not perform contract research or write white papers.


Black Book shall not be liable for any damages incurred by or arising as a result of reliance upon Black Book’s Information. Black Book warrants that the information is based on compilation and analysis of the best sources available to Black Book at any given time, and that any opinions reflect Black Book judgment at the time and are subject to change. The foregoing warranty is in lieu of all warranties, express, or implied, statutory or otherwise, including without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and warranties as to accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of information.



Vendors are generally eager to participate in Black Book user surveys and polling of vendor clients. Black Book crowdsources the opinions and perceptions of users in a random fashion that does not allow vendors to influence or insist upon the polling of certain clients from their supplied lists. Vendors can suggest survey participation to clients and direct their clients to Black Book survey instruments, but validation and verification processes performed by a third party audit firm prohibit vendor interference or substitution polling.

Likewise, vendors cannot “opt-out” of the Black Book process of client satisfaction and loyalty polling. Vendors do not pay participation fees. To retain an unbiased, independent reputation, Black Book also is not affected by vendors that choose not to participate because no interaction between the vendor and Black Book is necessary, pre-survey or concurrently while a poll is underway