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Report Release Calender

  • September 2017

    Interoperability and Networks
    Private Health Information Exchange Vendors
    Value Based Care Consultant Firms
    Hospital IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
    Payer IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
    Interoperability and Networks
    Private Health Information Exchange Vendors
    Value Based Care Consultant Firms
    Hospital IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
    Payer IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
    Managed Care Analytics & Business Intelligence
    Value-Based Payment Solutions
    Revenue Cycle Management Advisors & Consultants
    Clinical Documentation Improvement
    ICD-10 Coding Solutions
    Medical Transcription
    Hospital Collections Outsourcing Services
    Payer IT Outsourcing: Big Data, Analytics & Data Warehousing
    Provider IT Outsourcing: Big Data, Analytics & Data Warehousing
    Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Advisors
    Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing - Hospital Chains/Systems/IDNs
    Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing-Standalone Hospitals
    Large Hospital & Health Systems RCM Software & Technology Systems
    Small Hospital RCM Software & Technology Systems
    Physician Practice RCM Outsourcing Services
    Government Healthcare IT Support Services & Solutions
    Claims Management Systems Consultants & Advisors
    Receivables & Collections Consultants & Advisors
    Patient Access & Registration Systems Consultants & Advisors
    Healthcare Blockchain Vendors
    Technology Support, EHR Vendors
    Critical Access Hospital Information Systems
    Payers/Health Plans Business Process Outsourcing-Utilization Management
    Payers/Health Plans BPO-Member Services Outsourcing
    Payers/Health Plans BPO-Provider Services
    Payers/Health Plans-Value Based Solutions & Analytics
    Payers/Health Plans-ICD-10 and Coding Solutions
    Payers/Health Plans-Claims Processing & Modernization Outsourcing
    Payers/Health Plans-Marketing and Sales Outsourcing
  • October 2017

    Interoperability and Networks
    Patient Engagement Solutions
    Care Coordination
    Healthcare IT Advisors
    EHR Implementation Consultants
    Health Data Privacy and Security Services
    Financial Software Solutions
    Financial Managed Services & Consulting Services
    Cloud-Based Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions
    Hospital Accounting & Audit Outsourcing
    Predictive Provider Analytics
    Business Decision Support Software
    Business Intelligence Dashboards
    Capital & Equipment Planning Software
    Charge Capture & Charge Master Tools
    Strategic Board & CFO Financial Advisory Firms
    Hospital Cost Accounting
    Financial Documentation & Content Management Solutions
    Payer & Insurance Eligibility Verification Solutions
    Enterprise Master Patient Index Tools
    Enterprise Scheduling Solutions
    Enterprise Resource Planning/ERP Software-Hospitals/Providers
    Enterprise Resource Planning/ERP Software-Payers
    Operational Budgeting & Forecasting Software
    Hospital Patient Accounting Software
    Laboratory Information Systems
  • November 2017

    Interoperability and Networks
    Accountable Care Organizations: Financial Systems
    Patient Portals
    Supply Chain & Asset Inventory Management Software
    Payer Contract Management Solutions
    Denial Management/Third Party Recovery
    Benchmarking & Performance Measurement Tools
    Financial Analytics
    Claims Management and Clearinghouse Solutions
    Early Out/Self Pay Solutions
    Precision Medicine Tools
  • December 2017

    Healthcare Public Relations & Crisis Management Firms
    Mobile Health Applications
    Accountable Care Clinical Support Systems
    Material Management and Strategic Sourcing
    Readmission Reduction Programs
    IT Implementation Consultants
    Payer Business Process Outsourcing-Claims
    Payer BPO-Plan Administration
  • Q1 2018

    Population Health
    Medical Tourism
    Emergency Department Software
    Healthcare Industry Human Resources Outsourcing
    Cloud Storage Solutions
    Healthcare CRM
    EHR Client/Vendor Loyalty-Aggregate Rankings Q4 2017 Update
    Security Solutions Development Outsourcing, Payers & Insurers
    Security Solutions Development Outsourcing, Hospitals & Providers
    Provider IT Applications Development Outsourcing
    Payer IT Applications Development Outsourcing
    Hosting – Technology Management
    EHR – Small Physician Practices (Solo, 2-5)
    EHR – Medium Physician Practices (6-10, 11-25) EHR – Large Practices & Clinics (26-99, 100+)
    EHR – Dermatology
    EHR – iPad and Mobile Device Applications
    EHR – Integrated Practice Management/Claims RCM Systems
    EHR – Orthopedics
    EHR – Ophthalmology
    EHR – Orthopedics
    EHR – Ambulatory Independent Practice Associations
    EHR – Multispecialty Clinics
    EHR – Primary Care Specialties
    EHR – Pediatrics
    EHR – Family Practice/ General Practice
    EHR – Internal Medicine
    EHR – Medical Subspecialties
    EHR – OB/GYN & Reproductive Medicine
    EHR – Cardiology
    EHR – Surgical Subspecialties
    EHR – Occupational Health & Urgent Care
    EHR – Urology
    EHR – Nephrology
    EHR – Pain Management
    EHR – General Surgery
    EHR – Psychiatry & Behavioral Health
    EHR – Endocrinology
    EHR – Oncology/Hematology
    EHR – Large Hospitals /Academic Medical Centers 250+ Beds
    EHR – Community Hospitals 101-249 Beds
    EHR – Small /Rural Hospitals under 100 Beds
    EHR – Healthcare Chains, Systems, IDNs and Corporate Settings
  • Q2 2018

    Healthcare Executive Recruiters & Search Firms
    Long Term Care
    Home Health
    Subacute & Skilled Nursing
    Medical Equipment
    Operating Room Software
    Infection Control and Surveillance Systems
    Clinical Decision Support
    Nursing Clinical Support Systems
    Extended Care Solutions, Integrated Systems
    Financial Compliance and Audit Management Tools
    Life Sciences IT Outsourcing, Applications
    Life Sciences IT Outsourcing, Infrastructure
    Hospital Business Performance Services/Consulting
    Practice Management Business Performance Services/Consulting