Features for Top Ranked Vendors Only acquiring report licenses
  • Black Book is dedicated to authentic transparency in surveying and report availability
  • Report is sharable internally and externally, in print and electronically
  • Report provided in MS Word Docx Format
  • Report may be edited, abbreviated, summarized without Black Book permissions
  • Data may be reformatted into collaterals
  • Report and/or reformatted data may be shared electronically or in printed media
  • Vendor receives high resolution file art of current year Black Book seal for use online or in printed format
  • Black Book honor announcement may be linked to vendor site
  • Black Book announces top ranked vendor with aggregate survey responses to media to media via dedicated press release
  • No additional charges for related publicity or Black Book media follow up
  • Social media on Twitter @blackbookpolls and LinkedIn via Black Book Market Research mentions and broadcast of media events, articles and coverage
  • License valid for perpetuity
  • Black Book does not police usage of unrestricted distribution licenses or require permissions for applications after vendor payment
Provides Purchase on Amazon and Black Book Research store site
  • Users of healthcare technology (hospitals, physician practices, health insurers, ancillary providers) may purchase a single seat/single location license of the report for approximately 1/10 of the unrestricted report distribution licensing.
  • Providers acquire full competitive analysis and Black Book support data for RFP/RFI development and vendor selection purposes
  • Subscribers may add any current year Black Book report to their selection options
  • Subscribers can also request vendor-specific, product-specific or industry-specific related reports to their bundled requests
  • Subscriptions to Black Book knowledge centers available through direct bill and annual renewals to Venture Capital firms, Equity Analysts, State Agencies, Professional Associations, Investment Banking, Media/Press Organizations, Financial Analyst Firms and Quality Review organizations only
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