Yes, although conference sites and events are not always effective means for conducting vendor briefings. Black Book managers may limit the number of onsite briefings so early requests are suggested.
Black Book will entertain multiple briefing topics if they are requested prior to the briefing. Topics not included on the briefing form may be postponed to later briefing dates in such instances.
Yes, all briefings should be accompanied with a presentation. Black Book attendees will take notes directly on your electronic presentation which will then be posted to a central repository accessible by all Black Book researchers for future reference. Please send your presentation to DOUG.BROWN@BLACKBOOKMARKETRESEARCH.COM 2 business days prior to a scheduled briefing as it allows Black Book researchers sufficient preparation for the briefing.
Contact us should you not locate your solution’s category product or service line on our top-rated vendors and consultants’ lists. We conduct surveys online all year with over 240 categories surveyed on key performance indicators specific to their respective client experience and satisfaction, Black Book is extremely amenable to initiating new polls at any point for most any applicable product or service. In 2022, Black Book will release a platform that includes hospital and medical capital equipment, software, managed services, outsourcing, physician IT, health plan and managed care products and services, and consultants/advisors. So far over 6,000-line items with evaluations from over 2 million users. Let us know what we might include on our ongoing surveys.
Yes. In such circumstances, Black Book prefers to travel to the vendor's headquarters or principal location of service/technology delivery. Reasonable lead time should be three weeks or more notice.
Black Book does not discourage the use of formal NDAs. Researchers will keep strategic background information confidential and will embargo news pending an announcement or press release. Vendors should be specific about what information should be embargoed, for how long and how Black Book will know that the embargo has been lifted. Information imparted during briefings is considered public, unless specifically cited as confidential or embargoed until a specific date.
Yes. Be aware that most documentation may also be shared on our website for visitor reference. PDFs are preferred with non-sales titles are preferred and more likely to be used.
Yes. In addition to our regular titles and upcoming research schedule calendar, Black Book conducts vendor specific research including year by year client experience changes, quarterly loyalty reports for investment analysts, media-focused surveys and polling. Contact our partners directly with your request.
Black Book hosts approximately 1,000 companies a year. These meetings include product and strategy updates, messaging formulation sessions, and executive briefings from top-level management. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor all meeting requests. Meetings are scheduled based upon researcher availability and appropriateness of content to the coverage area. However, by completing this form we can ensure that your meeting is properly qualified and all the appropriate Black Book staff will be included. This makes a meeting with Black Book more productive for your company.

Most of the vendors that brief Black Book have great ideas and promising technologies. They wouldn't receive funding if they didn't have those things. But the quality of the briefings differs dramatically and it sometimes has as much to do with the delivery, the optics and the style as much as the substance. Please keep these simple things in mind:

  • Keep Introductions Short
  • Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Provide the Right Amount of Product Detail
  • Finish with Case Studies and Proof Points
  • Expect Questions
  • Be Honest About Your Competitors
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